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Domestic Sewing Machines

Eatman Staples Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of domestic and industrial sewing machines, we alos sell all major brands of sewing machine parts and needles.

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  1. Domestic Toyota SL3314 Overlocker
    £169.99 - Includes VAT
    Domestic Toyota SL3314 Overlocker
  2. Super Jeans 17XL Sewing Machine
    £167.99 - Includes VAT
    Super Jeans 17XL Sewing Machine
  3. OEKAKI Renaissance Sewing Machine
    £359.00 - Includes VAT
    Brand new 'OEKAKI' Free motion Embroidery Technology from Toyota that will take you to a brand new world. OEKAKI is Japanese for 'To Draw'. In OEKAKI mode the stitch can be adjusted by how much the foot controller is pressed. This will give you more decorative options. CPU Mode - Easier operation with computer regulated control This machine has 50 built in stitches as well as many other features. IDEAL for Any Experienced or Novice Sewer.
  4. Necchi 22 Stitch Sewing Machine
    £99.99 - Includes VAT

    Necchi 22 Stitch Sewing Machine

    This Necchi 22 Stitch is a perfect Starter Machine for any Budding Sewer.

    Available in either Blue or Red

  5. Toyota ECO15CJ
    £119.99 - Includes VAT
    Toyota ECO15CJ
  6. Toyota Super Jeans 34 Stitch
    £229.50 - Includes VAT
    Toyota Super Jeans

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