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Hand Sewing Needles

The tradition of needle-making in Hiroshima stretches back for more that 300 years. Tulip is based in Hiroshima region and produces sewing needles, crochet hooks and knitting needles for handicrafts. Atsushi Harada, the founder, hoped to create a popular brand that would be a favorite among all users, by developing a high quality product that is both reliable and easy to use.

The Current and second president, Kotaro Harada continues the legacy of the founder. He is committed to providing service and conducting business with integrity by delivering premium quality products the will contribute to society, targeting customers who "use Tulip products to enjoy their life every day."

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  1. Tulip Embroidery Sharp Tip Needles
    £6.00 - Includes VAT

    A sharp point for heavy embroidery on closely woven fabric.

    Available in assorted sizes.

  2. Tulip Applique Pins
    £6.00 - Includes VAT

    Tulip applique pins

  3. THN-073E
    £6.00 - Includes VAT

    Tulip thin pins

  4. Tulip Twisted Beading Needles
    £3.00 - Includes VAT

    Tulip Twisted Beading Needles

    Size:- 0.20mm x 70mm
    2 Needles Per Pack

  5. Tulip Sewing Needles Sharp Tip
    £6.00 - Includes VAT

    Tulip Sewing Needles Sharp Tip

    Large needle eye, Flexible and warp resistant, runs smoothly through fabric.

    Available in:-

    #7 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.69mm x 39.7mm

    #8 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.61mm x 36.5mm

    #9 - 8 Needles Per pack - 0.53mm x 33.3mm

    Assorted Pack:-

    2 x #7 - 3 x #8 - 3 x #9

  6. Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles No13
    £6.00 - Includes VAT

    Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles

    This needle point is rounded to keep the yarn from breaking, making it great for woolen embroidery and finishing up knitting projects.

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