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We are proud to introduce to you the Kenneform range of mannequins that have been purposely developed for students to meet the requirements of the educational markets to the highest quality by the leading mannequin manufacture in the UK, K&L.

Kennett & Lindsell have been making mannequins since 1877 and are the go to brand for all mannequins.

All Kenneform mannequins come on a standard base stand with hand height adjustment, they are also made with a thicker linen and fixed shoulders.

The range consists of 5 Female forms and 3 Male forms where the differences are in the minor details.

All Kenneform Mannequins are £355.00, vat & packaging included.

Please Note. To order our Kenneform mannequins please call 01708 749732 to discuss your requirements. Our range of Kenneform mannequins are made to order and are only available to students.


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